ART IS....

Disagreeable. Beautiful. Exciting. Ethereal. Boundless and above all.... evolving.

Art is dynamic. From Toulouse-Lautrec to Banksy. Art has no rules.

Your life changes. And so should your space. Adapting with your new style, a new season, a new you. 

Taken from the philosophy of street art, that art is in constant flux and impermanent, the RECORD ROCKER enables you to easily change the art in your space, whatever that may be.

The theory that we, as a culture, assign validity to contents of a "frame" (including picture, TV, computer, phone frames) is sterilizing. The RECORD ROCKER is designed to remove the frame and give validity to your reality once again. Functional art. Beauty and space integrated. Art you can feel and touch.

The Record Rocker is designed for the easy mounting, display, and removal of album covers and art. Art should be alive. It should be integrated into daily living. It should not be anti social, hiding behind glass and frame. It should reflect you. It should change as you do. It has life.  Functional Art is the new way Art is being consumed. Integrating art into your environment is the philosophy. Instead of looking at a shelf full of record cover spines why not use the cover itself as art?

The ancillary benefits of the RECORD ROCKER extend beyond art into practical living. It can hold clothes, plants, group tangled wires, hold recipes and notes, business cards, and many more uses that you will discover.