"Think outside the frame. In fact, don't even use a frame. Art shouldn't be confined. Art should be alive"


 Art is everywhere. Art is an old postcard from your grandmother to your grandfather hoping to see him soon. Art is an original Beatles LP cover, beat up just a little through years of wear. You can see its character that beckons back to the days when you were young. Art is a colour next to another colour. Art is that photo of you and your friends that night you were lost in Europe. Where you looked better than you ever thought you could because you were genuinely happy and someone caught that once in a lifetime second with their camera where your smile was worth all of life. Art is you. Art is alive. The RECORD ROCKER makes it easy to display your art...whatever that may be.


Posters, album covers, photos, maps. How do you display these without a frame? You need to use nails or tape to mount them. But even then, you are damaging the art. Or the tape loses grip.

So, how do you easily and inexpensively display art and beauty?

Hi. I'm the RECORD ROCKER! We should work together. 



The RECORD ROCKER is a crystal clear "thingy" that facilitates the display of album covers, artwork, photos, posters, clothing, smart phones, tablets, and other various media...without damaging the contents. Its clear composition and soft bumpers let you hang, prop, or use art as doors.

Functional art. In the home, workplace, school, business, restaurant, or warehouse the RECORD ROCKER can be found to have a use. No doubt.


In 2014 I had an idea to facilitate the display of frameless artwork and album covers. For two years I have bee working on perfecting it. In 2015 I now hold a U.S. patent and an international provisional patent for the rest of the world. By 2016 I want to make your space and life more vibrant. I want to the RECORD ROCKER to get you excited about your space. To give your space life.