The Record Rocker was created by me (Geoff MacKay) because I was frustrated with not being able to easily display my album covers. I have always bought albums not only for their intimate sonic experience but also for the aesthetic of their artwork. I love looking at album covers, reading liner notes, and transcending into the experience of the music. Listening to Coltrane while looking at a dusty image of him outside the Village Vanguard in the 60's can make can make you feel like you're there. I hang album covers all over my room and home. But frames are expensive and don't allow for easy access. And other than using nails or tape (which damage the album cover) there was no simple and practical way to display the visual experience to compliment an artist's sonic ambiance. 

So I invented the Record Rocker. For me. And you. The Record Rocker facilitates the display of albums, art, photos, posters, and even smart phones with a simple clip. Its clear, cushioned padding will firmly grip, but not damage your albums or art.

But after testing it on album covers I realized it can do so much more. The Record Rocker provides an endless number of applications for use at home, work, restaurants, business, school...wherever. Every time I show someone a RECORD ROCKER they immediately tell me they would use it for something I had never have dreamed. From a sophisticated avant-garde art project... to drying wet work gloves...the Record Rocker will bring your art to life. And bring art into your life.

In 2015 I obtained a US patent (pending) as well as an international PCT for the Record Rocker.  will be getting the Record Rocker to you. A new era in album and art display is here.

The Record Rocker. Bring Art to Life.

                                               -Geoff MacKay